Kew Village and Thameside Stroll


Kew Village and Thameside Stroll

Discover the charming and picturesque area of Kew on our exclusive 3-hour tour. Starting at Kew Gardens station, this delightful journey not only showcases the famed beauty of the exterior of Kew Gardens but also explores the enchanting village of Kew and its serene Thames-side walk.

As we meander through Kew, you will be treated to views of the historic Kew Gardens, known worldwide for its expansive collection of plants and breathtaking landscapes. While the tour does not include entry into the gardens, the majestic vistas from the outside are equally captivating and provide a stunning backdrop to our walk.

Venture further into Kew Village, where you’ll experience the quaint and peaceful ambiance of this traditional English village. Stroll through its quiet streets, lined with charming shops and cafes, offering a glimpse into the daily life and heritage of the area.

The tour continues along the scenic banks of the River Thames. This leisurely walk along the Thames provides a tranquil setting to enjoy the natural beauty and historical context of the region, making it a perfect way to unwind and soak in the picturesque views.

Meeting at Kew Gardens station, this tour offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and relaxation. Note that the tour ticket cost is additional. Join us for a memorable exploration of one of London’s most beloved locales, where history and nature walk hand in hand.


Please note: 

  • This tour is normally delivered on foot.  Access to Kew Gardens requires an extra fee and must be arranged at time of booking.
  • Some optional extras include a vehicle to drive between sites, site access and refreshments.  These must be requested at the time of booking and will incur additional costs.
  • The normal recommended duration for this tour is published on this page.  If you require a shorter or longer duration please let us know at time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • All of our tours are for private bookings only.  Whether you're a single, couple, family, group of friends or corporate booking, you will enjoy the exclusive care and attention of our guide
  • All guides on our team are warm, engaging professionals who are well travelled themselves, and offer their own rich life experiences to help hit the mark for your enjoyment of our tours.
  • Guides reserve the right to adapt the route of this tour according to various logistical requirements (for example inclement weather or traffic congestion) on the day of the tour.
  • Most tours are customisable and adaptable for special interests, language support (currently English, French and Spanish), accessibility / disability amendments and other sensitive handling (such as women-led tours). 
  • Please advise us of any other special requests on booking.
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At a glance

Neighbourhoods explored
Richmond Upon Thames
Sites along the way
Kew Gardens
Themes enjoyed
Architecture, Riverside / Canalside Beauty, Cultural & Educational, Georgian & Victorian History
Perfect for
Couples, Families, Corporate Groups, Singles, Layover, Children, Seniors, Disabled
Typical walk duration
3 hours