Travel Agents

Bespoke Partnerships for Unforgettable London Experiences

At Cobblestone Chronicles Ltd., we’re dedicated to offering unforgettable, customised tours that resonate long after your clients return home. Our partnership with travel agents is crafted with a personal touch, deeply influenced by our founder Chris MacNeil’s rich heritage in the travel industry, inherited from his mother, a professional in the field for over two decades.


A Tradition of Collaborative Excellence

Chris’s upbringing, surrounded by the intricacies of travel planning, has imbued Cobblestone Chronicles with a profound understanding of creating memorable experiences. This legacy is the cornerstone of our partnerships with travel agents, ensuring we deliver tours that not only meet but surpass client expectations.


Tailoring the Dream London Tour

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our bespoke tour planning process, combining state-of-the-art AI with the irreplaceable insights of our expert guides. While technology streamlines our operations, the essence of our tours is the personal connection and creativity our guides bring to each experience. We delve into your clients’ visions of London, turning them into reality with unique touches that make each tour special.


Sample Journeys:

  • International Tailored Walks: We collaborate with global travel agents to create walks tailored to the specific needs and interests of their clients, streamlining the “getting to know you” stage for a smoother, more enjoyable client experience.
  • Familiarisation Trips for German Media: Crafting bespoke tours for German media interested in London’s diverse districts, including Little Venice, Kensington, Covent Garden, and Camden, providing them with an in-depth understanding of each area’s unique character.
  • City of London Tour for Scandinavian Professionals: A specialised tour for a family of 10 Scandinavian engineering professionals, including a traditional pub lunch and seamless luggage transfer to the airport, allowing them to depart directly after their enriching London experience.


Seamless Operations and Reliable Service

Our operational excellence, a trait passed down from Chris’s mother, ensures smooth collaboration with travel agents. Expect prompt responses, meticulous planning, and transparent transactions, all underscored by timely commission payments as a token of our appreciation for our partnership.


Your Success, Our Mission

Our global partnerships are fueled by a mutual goal: to ensure your clients’ London experiences are enchanting. With Cobblestone Chronicles, you’re offering more than a tour; you’re providing a gateway to the heart of London, brought to life by passionate experts eager to share the city’s stories.

Join us in crafting London experiences as unique as your clients. With our legacy of excellence and commitment to personalisation, let Cobblestone Chronicles Ltd. be your ally in making every London journey unforgettable.


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