The Genesis of a Unique Idea

In the heart of London’s ever-evolving landscape, Cobblestone Chronicles Ltd. was born from a vision to marry the old with the new, the traditional with the cutting edge. Founded in 2023 by Chris MacNeil, a seasoned connoisseur of walking tours and a pioneer in blending technology with human warmth, our company embarked on a mission to offer bespoke tours of London unlike any other.


From Historical Roots to Digital Innovation

Chris’s journey into the realm of storytelling and exploration began at the University of King’s College in Halifax, where a degree in British History ignited a lifelong passion for the tales that weave through the fabric of time. This academic foundation, enriched by the university’s storied atmosphere, laid the groundwork for a career that would traverse continents and industries.


Transitioning from academia to the forefront of the dot-com era, Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished. Co-founding one of Canada’s earliest internet startups, he demonstrated an early knack for intertwining innovation with tradition—a theme that would define his future endeavours.


A Deep Dive into Urban Tapestry

Living and working in metropolitan hubs like London, Chris developed a profound fascination with urban life and its constant flux. The dynamics of community, the rhythm of daily life, and the silent stories etched into the cityscape fuelled a desire to delve deeper, to uncover the essence of what makes a city tick.


Realizing a Vision

With over 400 private tours under his belt since 2017, Chris’s rich tapestry of experiences—from historical research to tech entrepreneurship—converged to form Cobblestone Chronicles. This venture stands at the intersection of technology and human connection, leveraging AI for efficiency while anchoring each tour in the authentic, personal touch that only a knowledgeable local guide can provide.


Crafting a Team of Storytellers

Chris assembled a team of like-minded enthusiasts, each with a unique bond to the city’s hidden narratives. Together, we harness technology to tailor experiences that resonate on a personal level, injecting our collective creativity, expertise, and insider perspectives into every tour.


The Cobblestone Philosophy

At Cobblestone Chronicles, we believe in blending a little dose of technology with a large measure of human ingenuity. Our approach isn’t just about artificial intelligence; it’s about augmenting the innate intelligence and warmth of our guides with digital precision. This philosophy ensures that every journey with us feels like an exploration with a wise and witty friend, revealing the soul of London in a way that’s as dynamic and multifaceted as the city itself.


Join Our Story

Embark on a journey with Cobblestone Chronicles, and experience London through the eyes of those who cherish its past, navigate its present, and anticipate its future. Welcome to a world where every step tells a story, and every tour opens a door to discovery.